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One history - four different companies:

InnoLas Solutions GmbHInnoLas Solutions GmbH

Laser systems for micro material processing

InnoLas Solutions develops and manufactures laser systems for micro material processing with various applications in the photovoltaic, electronic, and semiconductor industries.

phone: +49 89 8105 9168 - 1000

InnoLas Semiconductor GmbHInnoLas Semiconductor GmbH

Wafer marking, sorting & handling systems

InnoLas Semiconductor focusses on high quality wafer marking as well as wafer sorting systems for the semiconductor industry.


phone: +49 8143 24195 - 0

InnoLas Laser GmbHInnoLas Laser GmbH

Scientific laser sources

InnoLas lasers combine innovative laser technology and precise construction, offering you powerful, reliable and stable-value tools for your application.


phone: +49 89 899 360 - 1400

InnoLas Photonics GmbHInnoLas Photonics GmbH

Industrial laser sources

InnoLas Photonics designs and manufactures industrial lasers for high precision micro machining applications like PV, electronic- and SEMI manufacturing or laser marking, soldering, spot- and plastics welding.

phone: +49 89 899 360 - 1200